West Coast Native Masks

Tribal masks have long been a part of the traditional ceremonies of many Native American Indian tribes. the Inuit carve small masks to wear on their hands, the Hopi and other Pueblo Indians carve and paint wooden kachina masks for traditional dances, the Iroquois carve wood or corn husks to make “false face” masks, the Navajo and Apache make leather masks for dancing, and the Cherokee craft gourd masks for storytelling.
Cedar Masks
The West Coast Native Indians are famous for their elaborate cedar dance masks and mask carving remains a important part of their culture. The most noteworthy of their masks are the Transformation Masks which can opened at a pivotal point in the ceremony to reveal a second face carved inside.

Today most Native American Indian masks are used for dances, cultural drama, decoration, and as crafts for sale. If you are looking to buy an authentic tribal mask that was actually carved by a Native American Indian Artist, Canadian Indian Art has a wide selection.