West Coast Native Talking Sticks

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The talking stick, or speaker’s staff as it is also known, is an object used by many Native American Indian tribes, especially those of of the West Coast of North America. It allows for orderly, just and impartial hearings. The talking stick may be passed around a group or used only by leaders as a symbol of their authority and right to speak in public.

In a tribal council circle, a talking stick is passed around from person to person with only the person holding the stick being allowed to speak. This enables all those present  to be heard and very member of the meeting must listen closely to the words being spoken. Talking sticks have high ceremonial and spiritual value, and have proved to be exceedingly useful.

The person responsible for holding the council meeting is required to make their own Talking Stick. The Talking Stick may be used at a council meeting, Pow-Wow gatherings, storytelling circles, a ceremony where more then one person speaks, or when resolving disputes.
West Coast Talking Sticks
In the Northwest Coast, talking sticks are carved wooden staffs that resemble small totem poles and are still used ceremonially today. All talking sticks found in our gallery have been carved by authentic Native American Indian Artists.