Wild Woman in the Woods – Root Bistro Table

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A large piece of cedar stump root was found on the beach. Artist Doran Lewis cut out a perfect section, sanded and clear lacquered it to turn it into these bistro table legs. The table top is a 1″ thick tree trunk slice, painted to tell the tale of “the wild woman of the woods”:

The wild woman was a black and hairy ogress, twice as big as regular humans. Elders of First Nations would tell children that if they foolishly ventured into the forest alone, the wild woman would come to get them and take them to the mountains. If they were bad she would eat them whole. The wild woman always carried a basket where she put the children she captured. Although the wild woman represents the dangerous and dark part of the forests, she is also the bringer of prosperity for many northwest coast native peoples.


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31 x 27 x 21 in.


Cedar Slice; Roots