Sun Mask – Welcome Figure

$16,000.00 CAD


Standing tall, this sun mask – welcome figure is quite stunning, unique and unusual. The master artist Jimmy Joseph spent lots of time to actually hollow out the stand and the total figure to avoid any cracks from the wood which in turn makes the piece relatively lightweight. The complete head with 7 rays can be removed for any big move or shipping. The mask itself is carved with lots of detail; the eyes, nose and mouth are opened. On top of the mask are three butterflies, three dimensional sculptures which are easily removable. The somewhat smaller left and right butterfly are rattles and create a great sound. Their wings are attached and the middle butterfly has two attached antennas. The big 7 rays surrounding the mask are beautifully designed with lots of detail and beautifully carved. Four of the rays are raven heads while the other three have three designs each with salmon spirits. From the back side, all 7 rays look exactly the same. All are carved, painted and have a flat sun mask in the middle. The body of the welcome man is three dimensional and carved and painted all around. Two arms are attached and can be slightly moved. The figure stands on a small base, which is mounted on a bigger base below. All paintings have double white streaks or dots framing it. A very impressive piece of art!

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62" x 16" x 95"