Raven and Wildman Pole

$12,500.00 CAD


Designed and created by master artist Jimmy Joseph, this beautiful totem pole has a raven in the seated position on the top of the pole. Below it is a wildman also in the seated position. Both figures are elaborately carved with lots of detail. There is a total of 21 faces on this beautiful piece. The raven has a Chief’s face on the top of its head and a moon mask on its chest, while the wildman has a sun mask. The piece is completely hollowed to prevent the wood from cracking. It also allows the piece to be moved easier. The pole is carved all around and could stand freely in any room. The wildman has bunches of cedar bark attached as decoration. The pole stands on a base 19″ x 17″ x 6″and is very unique and stunning!

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78.5" x 20" x 17"


Cedar, Cedar Bark