Images of BC Painting – Spiritual World

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In this Spiritual World – Images of BC painting, this artist combines the beauty of BC’s ocean, mountains, forest and wildlife with the spirits of the native people of the Northwest Coast.

First of all in this painting there are two eagles fly high in the sky. Also an eagle spirit is on the left above the mountain. The matching peaks of the local mountains known as the ‘Two Lions’ have a chief spirit visible in them. A sisiutl (double-headed serpent) can also be seen if one looks carefully, the heads of the serpent rest in the mountain’s forests. To the right it seems like a bear spirit hiding in the cloud above Grouse Mountain. The mountains peak is in the shape of a sleeping chief. Below the mountain is a totem pole and a traditional native dwelling. You can see a chief and three other natives, they are barbecuing salmon on the beach.

In the ocean is a Salish canoe with natives paddling quickly through the water while a killer whale jumps over the canoe. There are three more killer whales on the left side. There is one with a baby killer whale. On the right side the artist shows you the kelp and sea stars under the water and we can see salmon and a sea lion swimming.

In conclusion, if you keep looking you discover more and more hidden spirits in this beautiful piece. Since the colours are vibrant and the painting is impressive not only in size but in skill. Most of all, this piece will transform the space it is placed in.

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130 x 65 in


Acrylic On Canvas