Hope Chest Box

$9,000.00 CAD


This magnificent box was created by master artist Jimmy Joseph. All four sides and the lid are carved deeply, painted and beautifully decorated with lots of paua shell pieces. The traditional designs all flow into one another.

The top of the box consists of two raven heads facing each side of the box. Below it is a human with the ravens on both sides. The front of the box has the design of a killer whale changing into a thunder bird. The killer whale has a human on the blowhole and another human on the right upper corner. Both sides of the box show a sun mask with 8 rays consisting of lots of detail! On the back side of the box is a wolf with its tail above the back and a human below its head. The bottom base of the box is carved and decorated with precision and care.

This stunning piece is painted with six different colours and decorated with countless pieces of paua shell. It deserves a special place to allow its beauty to shine! The lid is fastened with a long, brown coloured hinge and a chain mounted to it to allow it to hold open.

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39" x 18" x 20"


Oak, Paua Shell, Brass Hinges, Chain