Mike Fraser

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Mike’s traditional name is Wheahyuctchuk.

A native of British Columbia whose father is from Hesquiaht located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in the Nuuchanulth territory, and his mother is from Nanaimo on the East Coast of Vancouver Island whose father is from Squamish Nation both located in the Coast Salish territory. Mike is always interested in creating art as far back as pre-school. In the last decade he worked developing his gift as an artist. The opportunity to study and work with a number of established traditional native carvers and painters from Nuuchanulth, Kwaguilth and Cost Salish Nations has greatly assisted him in developing skills in creating fine art. He has been working on a number of different materials and mediums such as stone, antler, silk screening, clay, tattoo designs. Presently he is working on yellow and red cedar making traditional and contemporary plaques, masks, totem poles, paddles, canoes, talking sticks, head dresses and various other sculptures. He is presently preparing to make jeweleries.

Mike hopes his art will bring joy and happiness to people.