Lincoln Williams

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Lincoln John Williams, born in 1990 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a member of Squamish Nation…

He is the son of Thomas L. Williams and Charline H. Paull, who both are well known native artists. His extended family members are including Chief Floyd B. Joseph, the late Frank White Eagle Sr. In his early childhood, Lincoln had been introduced by his family to art of carving, painting and bead working.
At age of 15, Lincoln started carving with his parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins. He carved mostly wall plaques of animals at early ages, using traditional Northwest Coast designs and skills. Lincoln learned much about his native culture from Aaron Joseph, who taught him traditional rules, Squamish language, culture and history. He also luckily received instructions from Russel Williams, and the late Frank White Eagle Jr., who often created carvings at Lincoln’s house, while Lincoln had chances to witness their creation, and to get involved into drawing projects for them.

Lincoln has been developing his talents and has produced many outstanding pieces. He is a full time carver now.