Kurtis Antone

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Tribe: Squamish Tribe of the Coast Salish Nation

Kurtis Anton was born in North Vancouver, B.C., in 1970 and he took a keen interest in wood carving at the age of eight years old.

He would carve under the guidance and direction of his brothers Roger and Mike Anton. He has been carving since 1988 and Kurtis is an adaptable artist who primarily uses red and yellow cedar for his medium. Aside from his brothers, his teachers were Pat Natrall Sr. and Percy Paul. Both these master carvers have passed away and left Kurtis the knowledge of the heritage of the design he uses.

Kurtis has developed his own unique West Coast style, incorporating images of animals that come from family crests and legends common to the Coast Salish Community. These stories and myths have been his inspiration throughout his carving years. In the last few years he has created some very special large carvings, like transformation masks and sun masks, as well as large eagle head mask. His work presents itself very impressive. His carving and painting are clean and his choice of creation is always unique.

He hopes each piece of his art would bring the collectors joy and wisdom. His work can be found in private collections throughout Canada and United States.