Stewart Jacobs

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Stewart was born in 1958 and raised in North Vancouver, BC into Squamish Nation.

He first started to carve with Fred Baker and learned from the other old masters. Stewart’s first throw was in 1979 when he was in high school. He passed by the pottery class and took a keen interest in what was being produced there. He enrolled in the class and his teacher encouraged him to put his Native designs on the pottery and he hasn’t looked back since.

In 1986 he formed the “Free Spirit Pottery” and has since concentrated on ceramic art. Aside from vases in all sizes, bowls, and plates, he also makes lamps, using the ceramic as a bottom. Stewart’s pottery is held in many private collections all over the world as many galleries carry his pottery. Stewart has become well known for brilliant colors and unique designs. Every pot that he throws has a very uplifting and unique quality which is enjoyed by all as each piece is an original work of art. Stewart’s pottery has earned positive recognition in a different art shows that he has been involved in.

When he isn’t busy with the pottery he enjoys playing in a rock and roll band. Stewart is very involved in sports as well and loves to teach children in his community.