Darren Yelton

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Darren was born in North Vancouver, BC in 1961 and began carving at the age of thirteen with his father and two brothers Jim and Tony.

After completion of his high school education, Darren began carving full-time exclusively in wood and studied under Marvin Dana Baker, Floyd Joseph and Jacob Lewis all from the Squamish Indian Band. The following year he assumed the duties as a totem pole carver in the Thunderbird Park Carving program. In 1986, Darren resigned to begin a new career as a freelance artist.

Darren has developed his own unique West Coast style, incorporating images of animals that come from family crests and legends common to the Coast Salish Community. These stories and myths have been his inspiration throughout his years of carving. Darren Yelton has been influenced by many well-known artists and strives to achieve the utmost quality in his work. His contemporary style is refined, uncomplicated, and dimensional with a northern influence. Darren’s pieces are sought- after by many international collectors of Northwest Coast Native Artwork.

Through his art, Darren Yelton has indeed given much to the world and is at the same time is preserving his cultural background through his teachings and artwork for future generations. Canadian Indian Art Inc. pleased to represent the work of this prestigious Coast Salish Artist.