Chris Sparrow

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“I am a Coast Salish artist. My work is unique traditional yet contemporary.


I grew up on the Salish Seas with my grandfather, dad, and uncles fishing and hunting. This is where my inspiration comes from seeing the flow and movement of the fish, seals, whales, deer, and eagles. At the age of nine I started carving and been carving since then. I have traditional yet unique style to my work. I do custom orders fabrications screen printing etc.


I carve on red and yellow cedar. I also have carved on fir, yew, and alder. My work consists of small to large plaques (flat and 2D), sculptures, poles, spindles, and I am willing to try any idea presented to me at least once.


Transformations on the shore is a carving contest I enter in once a year for the last few years and placed 2nd twice and 1st place once.


I create glass portraits, 3D art and apprentice in soap stone carving and silver jewellery.”

– Chris Sparrow