Chris Joseph

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Chris P. Joseph was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is a member of Squamish Tribe of Coast Salish Nation, which is located in the southern region of the British Columbia.

Chris Joseph’s interests in carving started at a very early age and he has been creating Coast Salish Contemporary Art for over thirty years. He credits his father Willard Joseph, his cousin Floyd Joseph and his elders Marvin Dana Baker and Jacob B. Lewis for influencing him to begin carving.

Chris is an adaptable artist who primarily uses yellow and red cedar as his medium for carving. He produces two and three-dimensional pieces and especially enjoys carving large full-scale pieces. During many years of his carving career, Chris has been invited to several exhibitions and has assisted in numerous monumental commissions. His art works have been exhibited in France and the United States.

Chris’s work can be found in galleries, corporate buildings and private collections throughout Canada and overseas. His future plans include working in Silver- Jewelery and giant Totem Poles.