Canadian Indian Art

About Canadian Indian Art

We are dedicated to promoting the unique artwork of Squamish Nation artists to collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Maike Marnet began collecting Canadian Native Indian or Aboriginal art over thirty years ago and has accumulated a large inventory of beautiful carvings. Maike wanted to share her love for native art with people around the world and to promote the local artists she has fostered connections with over the years. In 1999, Canadian Indian Art was born as an online gallery focused on expanding the market for the local native artists by promoting the Squamish Nations art work to collectors in North America and around the World.

Today, Canadian Indian Art Inc. offers one of the largest collections of West Coast native art for our customers to choose from and has clients all over the world. You can view our entire  catalog of canadian native art on this website.

West Coast native art is found within North America, in an area stretching from Oregon to Alaska. The territory in which Coast Salish art can be found, extends down both sides of the Georgia Strait to as far as the Strait of Juan de Fuca and surrounds Puget Sound. Coast Salish communities can also be found along the Fraser River to as far north as the town of Hope.