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Human Thunderbird

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Human Thunderbird

Cody Matthias


A very beautiful and masterly carved Human Thunderbird.  Cody Matthias has outdone himself with this masterful piece. The expressive eyes and nostrils are expertly done. The color scheme is unique and attractive with its traditional NW Coast Salish Motif.  A Superb Coast Salish piece. An excellent collector's piece. 


Colour: Red, Indian red, black, blue
Materials: Cedar bark, Feather, sea shell, Alder wood
Age: 2013
Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 9 in.

$2,000.00 CAD  

Product No: 3904-MMA
CDN Shipping: $40 CAD
US Shipping (including border fees): $70 CAD
International Shipping: $90 CAD

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